Junior Counselor Training Program

The JC Program gives selected campers who are 17 years of age and older (Seniors in High School or Freshmen in College) the opportunity to gain additional leadership skills, learn additional safety and skill progressions, as well as spotting in specific gymnastic levels and events under the supervision of a USAG Safety Certified Gymnastics Instructor. In addition, Junior Counselors will be given the opportunity to explore different areas of leadership they might be interested in, including:  culinary arts, property management (carpentry/plumbing/landscaping), administration, Bunk/Cabin Leadership (early childhood).

JCs have a regular “camper” morning or afternoon rotation, but for the other ½ of the day, they work a rotation with a Senior Counselor. JCs sometimes share bunk duties with a Senior Counselor. Each JC is assigned a mentor (senior counselor), who meets daily with the JC for feedback and positive support.

Each week JC’s plan a wicked special Thursday evening activity with CITs and leave camp for the evening, returning in time for
bed time curfew. Junior Counselors pay a $100 insurance/registration fee for the week that they are at camp.
During their ½ day of choice, they could choose to water ski, sail, kayak, do gymnastic rotations, etc. They could also choose to attend rotations for additional instruction in spotting and teaching progressions.

It is an excellent opportunity for further involvement in gymnastics; many CITS/JCS have gone on to coach at clubs, High School and Colleges around the USA! We look forward to working with you this summer. Please email or call with any questions about the program.