Menu – Food at Camp

Dunkleys serves 3 meals, plus a morning snack. There is always fresh fruit available in the kitchen

Our weekly “Camper friendly menu:”

  • Breakfast: fruit~yogurt~cereal bar, a hot entree (eggs/muffins/pancakes…..) orange juice
  • Lunch: salad~fruit~veggie~cheese bar , a hot entree (grilled cheese, soup, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets…)
  • Dinner: salad~veggie~fruit bar, hot entree (pasta bar, taco bar, cook out, pizza, bbq chicken) home made bread
  • Am snack: fruit, cheese, crackers, popsicles, goldfish, pretzels
  • Bed time snack: fruit or sweet dessert option

Our chef & kitchen staff can accommodate special dietary needs/allergies. These campers may bring food to be stored in the kitchen to supplement camp food, ie.: celiac, lactose intolerant, vegan campers……..