Camper Check List

Mark all Clothing! Leave Cell Phones at home. Bring only the minimum necessary. Some Vermont nights on the Lake can be cool!

  • Pillow, sleeping bag or sheets and blankets. Flashlight. Water bottle.
  • 5 leotards or work out shorts and shirts. Warm ups/sweats for colder weather • Hand grips, bands for under grips. (Basic grips can be borrowed from camp!)
  • Bathing suits, 3 towels, sun block, bug spray, sun glasses.
  • Sneakers, socks, water shoes (zebra mussels are part of our lake shore.)
  • Pants, shorts, long and short sleeve shirts. “Crazy clothes” for camp dress up!
  • Light weight and warm pajamas, underwear, toilet articles, flashlight, books.
  • “Drawer Tower” or suitcase for storage of clothes, hair ties, battery operated fans
  • Campers are responsible for their own cameras and ipods with their names on them
  • An old shirt for tye dye/art class.

*Cell phone use is permitted on weekends.

A weekly Laundromat/mall visit occurs on Saturday AM. No food is permitted in cabins or the lodge, and junk food will not be stored in the kitchen. In addition to our 3 regular meals, morning and bed time snacks are provided. Fruit is available in the dining room 24/7. *Food for campers with allergies can be stored in the kitchen (gluten free, lactose intolerant……)

Click here to download the camper checklist.